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Instagram Video Downloader

What you love most on Instagram? Images or Videos.

Instagram Video allows users to upload from their device or go live using IGTV and share their moments to millions of people. At somewhere you’re thinking to download videos from instagram and save on your device, then, might, instagram video downloader is about to do that for you.

What is Instagram Video Downloader?

Instagram video downloader or online instagram video download is an free online platform to download instagram videos and IGTV videos of any instagram users recordings in High-Quality. Moreover, it also allows you to download instagram images in just one single-click.

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How to download videos from Instagram?

Perhaps, you’re thinking of downloading instagram videos. Here you can learn how to download videos from instagram from Android, iOS, and Web.

  1. Launch/Open Instagram and find the videos you want to save.
  2. Copy the standing video URL.
  3. Visit and paste the link on the textbox area.
  4. Hit the download button to save on your device or computer.

Download Multiple Instagram Videos From

Uploading videos on instagram is becoming a trend and everyday fashion for the users. Each day about thousands of videos being uploaded on instagram from browser, android, and iOS devices.
If you are thinking of downloading them all or want to save instagram video that you like most. Here is the answer…!
Using the Instagram Video Downloader tool called will help you to download and save your favorite videos on HD quality in just one-click action of work. You can download multiple instagram videos using our online instagram video download tool.
If you want to save multiple instagram posts, photos, and images. You can use tool to download multiple instagram photos. To get started with our platform simply visit our website and start downloading.

What is is a pre-configured online tool that helps Instagram lovers to save and download instagram videos, multiple videos and IGTV videos from desktop and mobile apps in one-click. Also, our tool allows you to download instagram images, profile pictures, and posts in a simple way.

How to use for Online Instagram Video Download?

Our tool is all about downloading your favourite videos/images/photos/ and loving posts in an easy way. Our tool is one of the most simple, exile, and easy-to-use. Use our tool for instagram video download.

Here is the step to download video instagram using our tool:

  • Visit
  • Find ‘Download Instagram Videos’ one the upper menu bar.
  • Now simply paste the url of your instagram video that you want to download on the textbox.
  • Click on the download button to save your image on your device.
Benefits of Using for Instagram Photos Download
  1. Download Instagram Videos.
  2. Save Instagram IGTV Videos.
  3. Save Videos on High-Quality.
  4. Easily share downloaded videos over other devices.
  5. Easy to use and handy tool.
  6. One-Click download feature.

Who Can Use Our Instagram Video Download Online Free Tool?

Simply, all of them, who love instagram and want to download and save instagram images, photos, profile pictures, and uploaded videos in a high quality in a one-click.
Visit to download now…!